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I have published four books in my Women of Color and Accomplishment series (including two exhibition catalogues) and am working on the fifth book.

Women of Color and Accomplishment, Fighting for Equality was published October 1, 2022. It contains 31 portraits and brief bios of historical African American women who have achieved much. Order here. Go to my artist web page for more details:

Women of Color and Accomplishment (the 1st book), was published November 11, 2021. It contains portraits and bios of 31 Black women who have accomplished much despite often having many challenges to overcome. Most of the women in the book have not had the recognition they deserve and this is my way of honoring their lives. The book is currently available at here and at my studio in San Rafael, California.

The first exhibition catalog, Fighting for Equality, is available here. The second catalog, Doing the Right Thing, is available here.

I now have an Inspirational Card Deck of 53 cards from my Women of Color and Accomplishment series. These are available at my San Rafael studio or you can order them by emailing me at

53 Card Deck

My first book: Painting With an Elephant (2013). The second edition was published October 1, 2022.

Painting With An Elephant, 2nd Edition

A catalog of my show Omo Valley: Revisited (2019) is only available at my studio: Artworks Downtown, Studio #10, 1337 4th St., San Rafael, California  

My second book: Omo Valley: Vanishing Tribes (2013)

Omo Valley
Omo Valley: Vanishing Tribes

I named my business Mt. Tam Design because Mt. Tamalpais is the inspiring view outside my office window.